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From its original shoreline, mud flats and deep-water bay, to reclaimed land with a long industrial past leaving layers of forgotten pipes, tanks, foundations and polluted soil and groundwater, Mac Point carries a long history.

We aspire to build the Mac Point Precinct into a place to gather, to celebrate and to reflect, through the arts, culture, sport, events and entertainment.


What is planned for the site?

Mac Point will be a place for Tasmanians, a place for visitors, a place to do business and a place to come together. It will include:


  • A multipurpose stadium as a hub for arts, entertainment and sport offerings.  The multipurpose stadium will support Tasmania’s participation in the AFL, but this is only a small part of what it can be. It can offer a space to host a range of events, exhibitions, festivals, performances and experiences all year, and will be a place for businesses and organisations to flourish.

  • A Truth and Reconciliation Park will be developed at Mac Point guided by the original owners of lutruwita, the palawa people. We will work with the Tasmanian Aboriginal community directly to progress this project.

  • We will also make sure there is space for Antarctic facilities as part of Tasmania’s unique role as Australia’s Gateway to Antarctica and the Southern Ocean.

  • A well designed residential development that includes affordable housing.

We're currently working through the feedback received. 

Your feedback will help us to prepare a Precinct Plan for the site, which will be a visual plan that will capture key use areas and show how to access the site. This will build on the feedback that helped shape the site masterplan, and inform an update to capture emerging ideas. It will also be used to help prepare a design brief for the multipurpose stadium.

Tasmanians have made it clear they expect Mac Point to move on from its past. We have carefully cleaned up the site to make it safe and we are now ready to lay the foundations for its next life.

A summary of the feedback received, written submissions and a draft Precinct Plan are currently being prepared and will be published here in the coming months.  


Information and feedback collected through this process will help inform a Precinct Plan for Mac Point.


The Precinct Plan will be published and supported by more detail through updates to the existing Masterplan. There will be further opportunities for consultation once proposed updates have been made to the Masterplan.


The Precinct Plan and your feedback will also inform design principles for the multipurpose stadium that will be developed at Mac Point.

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