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The Corporation provides the schedule of works and events occurring at Mac Point to help identify the impacts these may have on the general public, nearby residents, site tenants and surrounding businesses.​

For further information, you can contact the team at:


Over the next few months, activity will be ramping up on site as we start excavations on the corner of Evans Street and the Tasman Highway.

This area was part of the old Hobart Gasworks and is the last key area to remediate on site.

We will be excavating around 12,000m3 of material, bringing the area back down to natural ground level.

We will be using ‘in-situ solidification’ under the surface, trapping an estimated 1,100m3 of tar-impacted material and protect groundwater from this historic use.

We’ll also be undertaking some improvements to our car park and Red Square, and establishing a refreshed space for our edible precinct in the south-east corner of Mac Point to keep our site open and accessible, safely away from the construction activity.


After a four-year hiatus the Spiegeltent is returning to Hobart.


The show itself is a two-hour dazzling, decadent and Gatsbyesque cabaret full of surprises, with spectacular aerials and big dance numbers. The Spiegeltent will be located at Macquarie Point and accessed via Red Square.



  • Thursday 4 April 2024 - Sunday 5 May 2024

  • Access via Red Square

Tickets and more information

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