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The Corporation provides the schedule of works and events occurring at Mac Point to help identify the impacts these may have on the general public, nearby residents, site tenants and surrounding businesses.​

For further information, you can contact the team at:


Audit Area 6

Significant activity is underway at Mac Point as we progress with major excavation works near the corner of Evans Street and the Tasman Highway.

This specific area, previously part of the Hobart Gasworks, represents the final key zone requiring remediation on the Mac Point site. We will excavate approximately 12,000 cubic meters of material, effectively restoring the land to its natural ground level.

Summary of the ongoing works:

  • In-Situ Solidification: We are currently implementing a cutting-edge technique known as "in-situ solidification" to immobilise an estimated 1,100 cubic meters of tar-impacted material within the subsurface. This innovative approach ensures long-term protection of groundwater from the historical industrial use of the site.

Temporary Closure to Evans Street Bus Layover Zones

Project Details:

  • Start Date: April 15th

  • Duration: Approximately two months

  • Impact: Bus layover zones on Evans Street inaccessible.

Scope of Work:

  • Dismantling of wall structure along Evans Street for Mac Point site excavation works.

Mac Point Public Car Park and Red Square

  • Car Park and Red Square Enhancements: We are also undertaking improvements to the car park and Red Square, concurrently establishing a new and refurbished space for our edible precinct in the south-eastern corner of Mac Point. This will guarantee continued public access to these areas while maintaining a safe distance from the excavation and construction activities.

While we work to transform this area, please be aware of the increased activity on-site.

Noise and Vibration Monitoring

Minimising disruption remains a top priority throughout the Macquarie Point remediation process. To ensure this, a network of strategically placed noise and vibration sensors continuously monitor the site and surrounding areas. This real-time data allows us to:

  • Maintain Compliance: We closely monitor noise and vibration levels to ensure strict adherence to regulations, protecting the community from excessive disturbance.

  • Inform Future Development: By analysing data collected, we can predict and address potential noise and vibration issues in future Macquarie Point projects.

  • Proactive Problem-Solving: Real-time monitoring allows for swift identification and resolution of any noise or vibration concerns that may arise during construction.

  • Maintain Good Neighbour Relations: Proactive monitoring enables us to minimise potential impacts on nearby organisations.

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