The Corporation provides the schedule of works and events occurring at Mac Point to help identify the impacts these may have on the general public, nearby residents, site tenants and surrounding businesses.​

For further information, you can contact the team at:


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How are we managing noise levels onsite?

The Corporation has developed two noise procedures to reduce and manage noise impacting tenants and adjacent residents.


The first procedure limits noise levels from music events, particularly while COVID-19 restrictions continue to prevent events operating from within the Goods Shed. 


The second procedure manages noise generated from construction related activities.  This limits the times at which construction can occur and also sets expectations for Contractors to consult with tenants and residents on when noisy works are planned to occur.


We have also engaged specialist noise consultant Dr Steve Carter and have installed our own permanent sound logger onsite. This will ensure that the time and source of noise can be identified should any issues arise.


How are we managing traffic onsite?

The Corporation is currently in the process of developing a Traffic Management Plan for the site. More information will be provided about this soon.


Who do I contact if I have an issue?

The relevant contact for the works or event is listed in the schedule. General enquiries can be directed to


What if the schedule changes?

Due to unforeseen circumstances, construction works and event schedules may change. We will endeavour to have all necessary information in the weekly schedule at the time of publishing and will update accordingly if changes occur. If major changes occur, we will provide an update via social media.


How are we supporting the safety of those onsite?

All employees who work onsite at Mac Point must undertake an annual Work, Health and Safety induction. As the site is now under construction, any patrons who visit onsite businesses must adhere to all signage and safety instructions.


Where can I get further information about the projects happening onsite?

Keep an eye on our news section for updates about the projects happening onsite.


Where can I get further information about upcoming events onsite?

Keep an eye on the Red Square and Goods Shed facebook page and the LongHouse facebook page for details about upcoming events.