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MacPoint is one of the few remaining development opportunities in an Australian capital city and presents a significant opportunity to create an innovative and dynamic precinct for residents and visitors to Hobart.

The 9.3-hectare site is situated amongst key landmarks; future development potential for the Antarctic and Science Precinct; Central Business District; and next to Hobart’s iconic waterfront. The site also has significant cultural importance as a meeting place of First Nations people through to the European colonial life.

The site’s industrial use for more than 150 years has resulted in complex environmental legacy issues which the Corporation has been remediating. To date, approximately 80 per cent of this work is now complete, including the removal of historic oil and gas pipelines, and remediation or removal of the equivalent of 10 Olympic swimming pools of highly contaminated soil.

To maximise commercial return whilst this work was undertaken, several interim developments provided activation on the site. This included the refurbishment of the Goods Sheds as a live events venue, and the construction of 450 car parks.

While much of the world was forced into shutdowns during the COVID-19 pandemic, work at Mac Point continued to meet our targets, however, with increased focus on the health and wellbeing of our tenants, contractors and team.

Mac Point has now reached the next phase of its development timeline, with work now being undertaken to permanently develop the site.

This exciting prospect will see the development of seven precincts each with unique characteristics and development potential.

Once fully realised, Mac Point will be an iconic destination and home for residents and visitors to Hobart, while providing significant growth in commercial and cultural real estate, and public space on the edge of the CBD.

Through the work of the Corporation, the site will unlock more than a billion dollars of investment, create thousands of jobs, and deliver a precinct that will serve the community for generations to come.


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The Master Development Plan establishes seven precincts within the 9.3-hectare site:

  1. The Escarpment;

  2. The Precinct;

  3. The Gateway;

  4. The Promenade;

  5. The Goods Shed;

  6.  The Underground; and

  7.  The Park.


These precincts are specifically designed to underpin the planning scheme framework and includes a range of mixed use and arts and institutional development including, the Hobart City Deal initiative for the Antarctic and Science Precinct to promote Hobart’s position as the gateway to the Antarctic and Southern Ocean.

The centrepiece will be the creation of The Park (truth and reconciliation art park) – a 13,000 square metre public open space important for large scale events and festivals, providing a meaningful and culturally respectful space to create a sense of connectedness through play, public art, green and cultural spaces.