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The Mac Point Multipurpose Stadium is a significant infrastructure development project that will be a key part of the urban renewal of Mac Point.

Mac Point will be home to an iconic stadium for Tasmania and a destination for locals and visitors. It will:

  • have 23,000 seats, be roofed and be the home ground of our Tasmanian AFL team.

  • be Tasmania's premier multipurpose sporting, arts, events and entertainment facility.

About us

Macquarie Point Development Corporation (MPDC) will be responsible for overseeing the planning and delivery of the multipurpose stadium.

MPDC is a statutory authority and state agency, charged with planning, facilitating and managing the remediation and development of Mac Point in Hobart.

Mac Point will be a mixed-use precinct that is accessible to all people, offers vibrant experiences and destinations and contributes to the delivery of the 30-Year Greater Hobart Plan.

Our delivery partners

Stadiums Tasmania will be the future owner and operator for the facility.


Stadiums Tasmania is a statutory authority and experts in the management of major public stadia assets and infrastructure. 

State Growth


State Growth leads event, creative, sporting, road, transport and infrastructure facilitation and delivery in the State.

About Mac Point

​Background information and quick links:
Useful links:
Precinct Plan

Precinct Plan

 We have been working on the development of a refreshed Precinct Plan to support the urban renewal of the Mac Point site.

Our vision

We aspire to build the Mac Point Precinct into a place to gather, celebrate and reflect, through the arts, culture, sport, events and entertainment.

We will create a mixed-use precinct that is accessible to all people, offers vibrant experiences and destinations, and contributes to the delivery of the 30-Year Greater Hobart Plan.

You can view the Mac Point Draft Precinct Plan here

This includes information on the stadium footprint, which is also available here

Planning process

Planning process - Project of State Significance (PoSS)

On 16 October 2023, the proposal for a multi-purpose stadium at Macquarie Point was declared a Project of State Significance and will be assessed by the Tasmanian Planning Commission.

The Tasmanian Planning Commission released draft guidelines that are currently available online, alongside feedback received in response.

You can find a copy of the draft guidelines, the public feedback and a copy of our submission.

The Commission has now released the final guidelines, which are available here.

The Commission wrote to the Corporation on 22 February 2024 outlining the assessment process.

  • A copy of the letter is available here and the supporting flow chart here.

Concept Design

Concept Design

While we finalise our submission for assessment through the Project of State Significance process, we are excited to share this first sneak peak of our concept designs.


We have strived to create a welcoming, functional, and uniquely Tasmanian experience.


The design of our multipurpose stadium has been inspired by the history of our site, a connection to place, the experiences we want to create and the opportunities this development will provide for Tasmania, both in bringing this stadium to life and when we open the doors.


The stadium includes:

  • A 1,500-person function room with views to kunanyi/ Mount Wellington.

  • A design informed by modelling cricket ball trajectory data to ensure we are ready to host the best quality cricket games.

  • A stage pocket in the northern stand to support concerts and events, which will minimise impact on the field and reduce costs for event operators.

  • Easy to follow and accessible design features – including a single continuous concourse that services the whole stadium, which means you can enter any gate and easily find your seat.

  • A seating bowl design that will bring crowds closer to the action.

  • Separated back of house and catering facilities with a below ground service road to separate vehicles and stadium visitors and users.

  • A carefully designed cutting-edge design including a timber and steel framed fixed ETFE transparent roof, which will see Tasmania leading the world in structured timber roofing solutions.


Quiet, clever, but humble, just like Tasmanians. We encourage you to join in sharing this sneak peak of our designs while we finalise our detailed planning submission. And look forward to sharing more details with you shortly.

Frequently Asked Questions

How tall will the multipurpose stadium be?

A key design feature of the stadium has been to keep the edges of the structure to a low profile, informed by the surrounding built-form and natural landscapes. This is important for the street-level experience and how the stadium integrates with the spaces around it. The edges of the stadium are around 22 metres (25.5 metres RL / AHD*) compared to the Evans Street level which is around 3.5 metres RL.

The structure has a fixed-dome roof, which at the highest point is 51 metres (54 metres RL), with an internal field height of 3 metres RL, which is similar to the current level of Evans Street.

For comparison, heights of nearby structures:

  • Zero Davey 20 metres (22.5 metres RL)

  • IXL Jam Factory 19 metres (22 metres RL)

  • Hotel Grand Chancellor 47 metres (49 metres RL)

  • Royal Hobart Hospital 68 metres (75 metres RL)

* RL means Relative Level and is a consistent measurement base comparing to sea level

  AHD means Australian Height Datum, which is the height of a point above mean sea level

Will the stadium cast a shadow over the Hobart Cenotaph?

No. The stadium is located to the south-east of the Cenotaph, which means it cannot cast a shadow over the Cenotaph or impact sunrise or sunset.

The low-profile of the design will also minimise the shadow casting inside and outside of the stadium.


How will the stadium look standing at Constitution Dock?

We are preparing a number of renders that will show how the stadium will look from various angles around the city, however, this early comparative image has been prioritised in response to requests.


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​What will the roof be made from?

The roof will be supported by an elegant steel and timber frame, with steel bracing at 20 metre intervals and structural timber cross beams at 5 metre intervals.

This grid will be covered with ETFE (ethylene tetrafluoroethylene), which is transparent and will support natural turf growth underneath. There will be two layers of ETFE creating a series of pillow-like elements across the roof.



How big is the roof?

The ETFE roof will span approximately 190 metres by 215 metres and will be the largest timber supported roof covering stadia in the world.



Can the stadium support cricket?

Yes, we’re excited about the opportunities the multipurpose stadium will present for international cricket.

Our modelling has used Hawk Eye data to accommodate cricket ball trajectory and includes important requirements unique to cricket including practice wickets and media facilities.

We’ll continue to work with Cricket Tasmania and Cricket Australia to seek accreditation of our stadium once built.



Can it support other types of events?

Our stadium includes a 1,500 person function room with spaces to support meetings and collaboration areas. It is a fully enclosed venue supporting a range of events, exhibitions and conferences, with vehicle and pedestrian access to a concourse that wraps around the full facility and the field.



What about non-event days?

The stadium will be part of an activated mixed-use precinct. Find out more about our whole of site Precinct Plan here



What will happen to the Goods Shed?

The Goods Shed will remain part of Mac Point. We are planning to relocate the Goods Shed to the north of the site to where a shed of similar scale was situated when the site formed part of the Hobart Rail Yard.

We will continue to honour the history of the building and align it with the original rail lines, and support ongoing community activation, as is the case now.

PoSS Application

PoSS Application

Once prepared, we'll provide further information about our application here.

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