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November 2022 Newsletter

Mac Point is a hive of activity at the moment with a range of physical works happening on site.

Demolition of the Searoad Shed

The former SeaRoad Shed is being demolished as we continue to prepare the site ready for permanent development. It is also the first stage of progressing physical remediation of site contamination in the south-west corner of the site.

The access road to the east of the SeaRoad Shed will remain open for the duration of the works, however there may be short road closure of up to 5 minutes if the crane is operating adjacent to the entry and exits. This will be managed by the contractor and traffic control personnel.

Rehabilitation works

Bulk earthworks are underway to level and make safe the construction site in the middle of Mac Point. Once complete this will enable the temporary fencing to be removed and make the site accessible and available for a range of activities.

The team are also undertaking rehabilitation works to the internal road on site.

For more information, please visit the Mac Point Works Schedule here

The Goods Shed Roof Works

Roof works have commenced this month on The Goods Shed, with scaffolding erected on the full length of the western boundary of the building.

The work to replace the roof will occur for approximately four to six weeks. Contractors have set up a work site and erected additional scaffolding on the eastern side of the building.

For more information, please visit the Mac Point Works Schedule here

Groundwater Monitoring

AECOM will be conducting ground water monitoring work across Mac Point between 28 November and 2 December.

AECOM will set up 3 to 4 bollards around each testing site to delineate a work zone for 45 to 75-minute intervals.

The collected groundwater (waste) from each location will be transferred into a storage drum in the fenced area across the road to the north of the Longhouse every 2-3 hours.

Altus Traffic Management will be engaged for 1.5 days while working on the 7 wells located on Evans Street.

For more information, please visit the Mac Point Works Schedule here

Royal Engineers Building

Conservation works on the Royal Engineers Building have commenced and are due to be completed in early 2023.

This work will help preserve this magnificent building and important landmark for the city. Noise is expected to be low-medium. The works will be monitored in line with the Corporation’s noise monitoring plan. Dust is expected as part of these works.

For more information, please visit the Mac Point Works Schedule here

International Men’s Day Event Postponed

The Men’s Resource Centre has postponed their International Men’s Day event, which was to be held in Red Square this Friday 18 November.

You can stay updated by heading to their website.


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