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February 2024 Newsletter

Next steps for Mac Point

Works over the summer

Over the next few months, activity will be ramping up on site as we start excavations on the corner of Evans Street and the Tasman Highway.

This area was part of the old Hobart Gasworks and is the last key area to remediate on site.

We will be excavating around 12,000m3 of material, bringing the area back down to natural ground level.

We will then be using ‘in-situ solidification’ under the surface, trapping an estimated 1,100m3 of tar-impacted material and protecting groundwater from this historic use.

We’ll also be undertaking some improvements to our car park and Red Square, and establishing a refreshed space for our edible precinct in the south-east corner of Mac Point to keep our site open and accessible, safely away from the construction activity.

Next steps for the multipurpose stadium?

A quick recap:

Last year the development of a multipurpose stadium at Mac Point was declared a Project of State Significance. This set in place the process for the project.

It will be assessed against a detailed and comprehensive set of guidelines that consider the project’s environmental, social, economic and community impacts.

The assessment will be undertaken by the Tasmanian Planning Commission, which has appointed an independent panel of experts.

The Macquarie Point Development Corporation will be leading work to progress the design of a multipurpose stadium at Mac Point.

Visit our website:

What are we working on now:

The Commission released draft guidelines at the end of last year, which has allowed us to start work.

Over the last few weeks, the Corporation has released several Tenders to build a team of experts, these include:

  • A specialist design team, to develop the initial concept design through to a detailed design of the multipurpose stadium.

  • Transport specialists to undertake detailed modelling and analysis.

  • Expert Project Management services.

  • Quantity Surveyor services.

We will also shortly be releasing tenders to undertake master-planning, and economic development, social, cultural and community wellbeing assessment work, with further experts to be appointed as the project progresses.

Additionally, we are working with Stadiums Tasmania to capture user requirements, which will be part of the design and functional brief to inform the multipurpose stadium design.

This package of work will ensure the stadium is designed to perform the functions and services required and will operate as part of the network, location and be an integrated part of the Mac Point precinct and surrounding area.

What next:

Our target is to complete this work to inform a concept design of the multipurpose stadium to share in June 2024.


Macquarie Point Development Corporation


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