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Mac Point has been many things to many people

For nearly two centuries, Mac Point has served a multitude of purposes. From humble beginnings as a farm, it has transformed into an abattoir, lumber yard, gasworks, cold store and even a rubbish dump. Heavy industry, freight, and military operations also left their mark, shaping the site's unique history.

This rich past, however, comes with a legacy of soil and groundwater contamination from fuels, heavy metals, and other pollutants. Recent archaeological investigations also revealed evidence of prior use by the Tasmanian Aboriginal community.

To bring this fascinating history to life, Mac Point has begun installing interpretation boards on our fencing along Davey Street. These informative displays offer a glimpse into the site's diverse past, with more boards planned for future installation.


Additional boards will be added around our site soon, revealing more of Mac Point's fascinating history.​

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