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Sampling of soil and groundwater complete

Work to help determine the impacts on the soil and groundwater at Macquarie Point is now complete, with sampling by contractor AECOM now finalised.

Macquarie Point Development Corporation, Mary Massina, said the sampling has taken years to complete.

“Approximately 650 bore holes have been dug and periodically tested since 2014 across the majority of the site.

“Around 1,000 soil and groundwater samples have been collected to enable AECOM to assess what contaminants were beneath the surface to ensure how best to remediate and remove them.”

Since the 1850’s, Mac Point’s industrial history has been rich and varied; once used as drill halls for the army, an abattoir, a general dump, gas works and then finally becoming the home of Hobart’s rail yards.

“Much of the impacts are associated with the site’s historical past – with fuel and industrial waste from the former gas works littered across the site.

“AECOM will compile the data collected from the last five years and present a report to the Environmental Auditor for assessment,” Ms Massina said.

The Macquarie Point Development Corporation Act 2012, puts in place a higher level of remediation than any other site in Tasmania, with a requirement for sign off by the Environmental Auditor.

The report will be supplied to the Environmental Auditor in the coming months.


Media contact – Amira Vaatstra 0438 132 939

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