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Remnants of historic pipeline identified at Mac Point site

A network of pipelines that run underground across Macquarie Point is currently being identified as part of the planned remediation work taking place on site.

Macquarie Point Development Corporation’s CEO, Mary Massina, said locating the one kilometre track of pipelines is a difficult process.

“The original pipelines are believed to be approximately one metre below the surface and date back to 1929, although additions were made over time including a navy oil pipeline installed to refuel vessels in 1943.

“The pipelines which run along the eastern edge of the Macquarie Point site, and lead into the central area o were used for the transfer of petroleum products to the former Oil Berth, located in the position of the current Wastewater Treatment Plant.

“And although the location of the pipelines have been recorded over time, history is not always accurate, so it will be a case of trial and error to locate the track,” Ms Massina said.

Macquarie Point Development Corporation has contracted ADETRA Pty Ltd to undertake the task of identifying just where the pipelines lay, a process which includes scanning the site then using a hydro vacuum excavator to blast through the soil with water.

“After using this process and locating the pipeline, we will endeavour to remove it by draining any residual liquids from the pipe then excavating the pipeline carefully, as well as any potentially contaminated soil.

“This may be conducted in sections as works progress on each area of Macquarie Point, with sections of pipe capped between works.” Ms Massina concluded.

Work to remove the pipelines from the site is expected to be completed by April next year.


Media contact – Amira Vaatstra 0438 132 939

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