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Proponents shortlisted for The Escarpment land release

Macquarie Point is powering ahead, with the road almost complete, remediation well advanced and private development a step closer.

The Evaluation Panel, established by the Macquarie Point Development Corporation, has selected its preferred proponents to continue to the next stage of the competitive bid process.

We have had strong interest in the site and two outstanding shortlisted developers will now move through to the Request for Proposal stage.

The Evaluation Panel has assessed a number of well-developed expressions of interest from a variety of local and national proponents.

The submissions were assessed against a number of criteria, including alignment with the Macquarie Point vision and guiding principles, the proponent’s capabilities and experience, and their economic and financial viability to deliver a high-quality and engaging development.

Of key importance was the ability for the proponents to incorporate innovative and sustainable design elements along with public amenity and green space.

The Request for Proposal stage will seek further detail in regards to design, a detailed schedule of works, financial offer and provide details on how the proposed development will have a positive impact on the local economy.

In April this year, the Corporation released a pre-registration of interest campaign for The Escarpment to gauge market interest during COVID-19, with registrations received from international, national and local developers.

The development of The Escarpment land parcel is a major milestone, which heralds a significant change in the site’s history.

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