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Have your say in building The Park at Mac Point

Complete the survey here

Mac Point has reached an exciting next stage, with the design process for The Park currently underway.

As part of this process, Mac Point is calling for the public to have a say in how The Park will ultimately look, once complete.

“Mac Point’s billion-dollar development will change the face of Hobart’s cityscape for the good and provide new public spaces as well as retail, commercial, office and residential accommodation,” Macquarie Point Development Corporation CEO, Mary Massina said.

Activities proposed for the 13,000m2 truth and reconciliation art park include its use for large scale events and festivals, as well as providing a meaningful and culturally respectful space to encourage a sense of connectedness within community.

“We are wanting to develop Mac Point as an innovative and dynamic area that residents and visitors of Hobart and beyond would be proud to spend time in,” Mary said.

“Not only will this rejuvenated part of Hobart be a place for people to live and work, but we are building future public spaces for people to spend time with others.”

To make sure that this open space remains integrated with the future buildings in the surrounding area, the survey will contribute to the development of a set of Urban Landscape Design Principles.

As part of this process, the Corporation is exploring what is important to the community, what they would like to see in the space and how they would like to use the space.

Once complete, a concept for The Park will be developed and released publicly for commentary towards the end of the year.

In addition to the public survey, Mac Point will undertake workshops with key stakeholders in August.

To take part in the survey, visit:

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