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Environmental Auditor sign-off achieved for the Escarpment

The Macquarie Point Development Corporation has received sign-off from the Independent Environmental Auditor for the first parcel of land prepared for permanent development.

Chief Executive Officer, Mary Massina, said receiving certification guarantees The Escarpment site is now free of contaminants and development ready.

“Receiving certification by the Environmental Auditor means the site has now passed the highest authority, confirming that the land is development ready and will not pose any detrimental health effects to future occupants.

“The Environmental Auditor, based on the technical information supplied by our contractors AECOM, undertook an independent review which confirmed that the Corporation had undertaken and met required remediation tasks for this land parcel.”

Remediation of the area included the excavation of around 5,200m3 of contaminated soil which was taken to Copping Landfill and the removal of the former Concrete Batching Plant ramp and workshop.

“Remediation work was extensive due to the sites historical uses including; home to a main locomotive workshop and associated maintenance practices and products, the Concrete Batching Plant, general freight and handling associated with railyards, fuel storage and transfer which caused historical fuel leaks and general reclamation and landfill materials.”

“Because of these former uses, the Macquarie Point Development Corporation Act puts in place a higher level of remediation than any other site in Tasmania," Ms Massina said.

The Escarpment comprises more than eight thousand square metres of land and falls under the Sullivans Cove Planning Scheme 1997.

The Corporation continues to remediate the remainder of the 9.3 hectare site in preparation for ongoing permanent development to occur.


Media contact – Amira Vaatstra 0438 132 939

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