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Design consultant announced for The Park

The Macquarie Point Development Corporation has selected Tasmanian architecture firm, Cumulus Studio (in collaboration with Playstreet Landscape Architects), to lead the design of the centerpiece of the development a public open space that will provide Hobart with an exciting new premiere parkland.

The space, measuring 13,000 square metres, has been given the working title of truth and reconciliation art park (The Park), with the final name to be determined following community input.

Chief Executive Officer, Mary Massina, said The Park will be a hub for community activity, catering for large scale events and providing a meaningful and culturally respectful community space.

The Park will facilitate community connectedness through play, public art, greenery and cultural spaces, as well as support pedestrian and cyclist access onto and through the Macquarie Point site.

“It will also provide Hobart city with a connection between the waterfront, Queens Domain and the CBD, creating a consistent experience for people passing between these districts.”

Future users and the community will be key considerations in the design to ensure access and mobility is maintained across the site. Discussions will be held with the general public as well as the Aboriginal community on the nature, design and final name of The Park, with a designated space also being set aside for a potential Aboriginal heritage centre.

The design principles of The Park will be applied to guide the landscaping of future buildings within the site, ensuring a consistent and unique community experience which also encompasses Macquarie Point’s history and future.

“Macquarie Point has seen a range of site uses over its life and it’s important that our design principles capture its heritage and integrate with the development of other precincts.

The Park will be a key and central component of the site which will tie all precincts together and provide a ground level activation opportunity for each development,” Ms Massina said.

The design of The Park is expected to be completed later this year. The first stage of construction will occur as part of the development of the Corporation’s latest land release – The District.

Media contact:

Ashlea Carr – 0439 822 049

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