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Consultant announced for sewer realignment project

The Macquarie Point Development Corporation has selected Johnston McGee & Gandy Pty Ltd to design the realignment of the 420-metre-long main sewer line that traverses the Mac Point site.

Chief Executive Officer, Mary Massina, said the realignment of the sewer is the first step in preparing the site for the Antarctic and Science Precinct.

“The current alignment of the sewer runs approximately one third of the way into one of the parcels of land earmarked for the Antarctic and Science Precinct.

“Without diverting the sewer, it would place significant constraint on any future development to occur, therefore the Corporation will be designing plans for its relocation.”

The current location of the sewer runs from Evans Street, adjacent the Goods Shed, and cuts diagonally across the site to the Waste Water Treatment Plant.

The new design will relocate the pipework to run alongside parcel B, adjacent to the public open space and trafficable area.

“The sewer line dates back to circa 1904 and was constructed using vertical cast concrete. It was primarily used to service the district of Hobart and the surrounding area, and is still in use today, funneling around 904 litres of effluent per second during peak flow through its 1050mm diameter pipe.”

“Considering its age, the sewer is due for an upgrade so this is the perfect opportunity to do this work.” Ms Massina said.

The Corporation will be working alongside TasWater to deliver this important infrastructure in preparation for the next stages of this exciting development.

Construction of the pipeline is anticipated to begin in the third quarter of 2021.


Media contact – Amira Vaatstra 0438 132 939

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