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Archaeological dig underway at Mac Point

Excavation works have begun at Macquarie Point to unearth archaeological artifacts from early European settlement.

The Macquarie Point Development Corporation’s Chief Executive Officer, Mary Massina, said the work will include excavating the former roundhouse, the lumber yard and an old roadway that extended across the site to the waterfront.

“Initial heritage investigations by the Corporation revealed these three sites may contain the most historical evidence and give insight into what the site was like back in early settlement.

“The excavation will be undertaken in stages, first by removing the soil with an excavator then transitioning to hand tools such as shovels, picks and brushes to delicately unearth and reveal any undiscovered archaeology.

“We will then preserve, categorise and record any archaeological materials found.” Ms Massina said.

The Corporation has commissioned Tasmanian company Austral to oversee excavation work, with the lumber yard the first section to be investigated.

“The lumber yard was established in 1826-27 and was the government’s principal works depot in the colony where a huge range of skilled trades were practiced by convicts including blacksmithing, carpentry and furniture production.”

“The workshops surrounding the yard were used by turners, nailors, carpenters, sawyers, wheelwrights, tin smiths, armourers, painters, glaziers, coopers, saddlers and harness makers.

“Stores were also erected for bricklayers, masons and stone cutters working in the nearby quarry.

“We are hoping to find some interesting artifacts which could shed light on the sites history and give us a glimpse into what life was like in the early 1800’s.”

Archaeological work will continue onsite for the next six to eight weeks.


Media contact – Amira Vaatstra 0438 132 939

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